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Wellness for You

Discovery Call
Complimentary 15 Minute Phone/Telehealth Call | Health assessment, nutrition or fitness questions and/or wellness consultation inquiry Book Now
Initial Wellness
75 Minute Telehealth Session | Health risk assessment, past medical history evaluation, nutrition and exercise goal setting. Book Now
Follow-Up Wellness
45 Minute Telehealth Session | Follow-up to nutrition and exercise goals, address sleep and stress management, accountability coaching Book Now
Wellness Check-in
15 Minute Phone/Telehealth Session | For clients that have busy lifestyles or prefer more frequent, abbreviated sessions for accountability Book Now
8-Week Wellness
Looking to jump-start your wellness journey? This package includes four wellness sessions over a time period of 8 weeks. This package is designed to give you the momentum and support you need for implementing lifestyle changes during the initial phases of a wellness program. Book Now
Accountability Coaching
Check-in with your wellness coach daily via text or email for feedback on meal choices, macronutrient balance, and activity tracking to keep you motivated and informed through your wellness journey. Great addition if you need extra accountability between telehealth wellness check-ins. Book Now
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