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Meet Alysse

My name is Alysse. I am a Midwest native, PNW adventurer and lover of ALL food. I entered my career in health and wellness in 2016 after completing five years of education at Iowa State University. I spent over three years working in a clinical environment, learning as much as possible about the human body and the impact of nutrition and lifestyle on perpetuating chronic disease states. I knew I wanted to be on the other side of this. To empower people on their wellness journeys. To prevent these debilitating diseases. To minimize the financial burden of medications and hospitalizations. To improve quality of life.

To further specialize in health promotion and disease prevention I became certified in weight management and health coaching. This has prepared me to target many areas of health during coaching sessions: nutrition, exercise, sleep AND stress. Nutrition is only one piece of the wellness puzzle. It is important to me to explore these wellness areas and collaborate with other members of your healthcare team to ensure your wellness plan is individualized and appropriate based on your medical needs. Are you ready to optimize your health with personalized wellness coaching? Schedule your free discovery call to get started.


The Wellness Cook is a business platform created to provide wellness services to individuals, businesses, and communities across the PNW. Individuals have access to telehealth counseling, personalized meal and activity plans and plentiful resources to support a successful wellness journey. Looking to add a corporate wellness component to your business? Inquire about health-focused group presentations, health risk assessments and wellness coaching sessions for your employees. The Wellness Cook prioritizes disease prevention by promoting whole foods, balanced meals and an active lifestyle.


I follow an “All Foods Fit™” model in my wellness counseling. Restrictive eating habits can perpetuate a complicated relationship with food. I want to free my clients from the diet-mentality and empower them to make healthful choices while also enjoying luxury foods in moderation. Food is for nourishment, providing our bodies with essential nutrients to function at optimal capacity. We are also connected to food emotionally, and that can get complicated. I want to help my clients develop a healthy relationship with food by learning the difference between physical and emotional hunger and practicing mindfulness.

  • B.S. Dietetics and Exercise Science | Iowa State University | 2014
  • M.S. Dietetics and Exercise Science | Iowa State University | 2014
  • Health Coaching Certificate | American Counsel of Exercise | 2019
  • Weight Management Certificate | Commission on Dietetic Registration | 2017
  • Graduate Certificate in Dietetics Internship | Iowa State University | 2015
  • Licensed Dietitian l Washington Department of Public Health | 2019
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