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Hello! I’m Melanie, and I’m going to teach you how to lose weight and get flawless skin through better eating habits. I will completely transform your mindset towards food and your relationship with your body.

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Send me an email with a few words about what you are looking to achieve and I will help you to choose the course that suits your goals and physical abilities.

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Your Best Reviews

This is the program that really helped me streamline my health. Through education, support and the best nutritional aids on the market, my health went from good to great.

Amanda Smith

Manager, New York

When I met Melanie, my top three goals were to lose weight, get healthy, and walk without pain. Melanie opened my eyes to the way of healthy living by educating. Thank you.

Sabrina Jones

PR Manager, New York

I consider Melanie an expert in food and everything else to live a healthy life! I was looking for knowledge in eating healthier and advice on how to live a more balanced life.

Jane Bootman

Designer, New York

Recent Recipes

Healthy Cucumber Lemonade

RecipesWhen you need something fresh to pick yourself up after a long day especially a hot one in the heart of summer—this fuss-free cucumber lemonade recipe is a wonderful drink that you can enjoy any time with plenty of ice.LEARN MORE

Tasty Porridge With Berries

RecipesWarm comforting and perfect for winter mornings, this Blueberry Oatmeal Porridge will surely make your morning brighter. This lovely bowl is filled with so many nutrients and superfoods. It’s made without added sugars. Perfect!LEARN MORE

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Beacon Hill | Seattle, WA 98108


[email protected]

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